Gold Beaded Wedding Cake

Hi sweet friends!

Houston Wedding Cakes

Today, i wanted to share this wedding cake from the weekend. The colors were Tiffany blue, White, and Gold.

Houston Wedding Cakes

The bottom tier features gold beading, and is completely edible. This is a beautiful finish, and really could be done on any cake for any occasion. We hope you like it! Feel free to leave comments below!

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Molly’s First Birthday!

Houston Birthday Cakes

Hi Sweet Friends! Today, I would like to tell you about this adorable cake! This cake is 3 tiers and feeds 75 people. It was for an amazingly cute little girl named Molly, who was turning 1!! I was inspired by her invitation, and thats how this cake came about! The entire thing is done in wafer paper, and is COMPLETELY edible. Its one of my absolute favorites and I hope you guys like it too!

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Hand Painted Gradient Wedding Cake |Houston,TX

Hi All!

gradient watermarked

It has been quite a while since our last post. We just wanted to post a little something about the above cake. This cake is completely hand painted, and actually only uses TWO colors, even though you see four. It was inspired by acrylic painting, so we used the principles of color mixing to get this effect. The purple you see in the middle is just the two principal colors mixing. This is one of your favorites!

Specs on this cake:

Feeds 50, All Red Velvet, $250.

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Thursday Feature: Classic Print Meets Classic Wedding.


Today, I thought that I would share a bit about this new cake. The middle tier likely looks familiar to you, its houndstooth!! This  print is so classic, it is definitely one of my favorites! What I love most about my job, and cake artistry in general is that there are no rules! Who says you cant put houndstooth print on a cake and make it look clean? Whats even MORE exciting, is that its all edible! (Minus the hydgrangea bouqet on the top). The accent color here was emerald green!

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Thursday Feature: Baby Shower Cuteness

Hi you all!!

Today I want to briefly tell you about a cake from the weekend. This cake was for a baby shower. Its a three tiered, mixed shape cake and feeds 80 people. THe cake was designed after Kayla’s nursery, the colors of which are pink, grey, and mint. We dediced on an elephant motif to follow the invitations. The cake is so so adorable, and we hope you like it!!

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Kayla Babyshower

Silver Wedding Cake: Tuesday Feature

Hi Guys!!

I thought that I would tell you guys a bit about this cake. Here are some details about this cake. Its a three tiered cake that feeds 75. The cake is airbrushed with edible silver food color. It is covered in our delicious homemade fondant. Each tier is covered in ganache and filled with strawberry buttercream! The flower placed is a Pink Peony, which went along with the flowers and color scheme of the wedding. We hope that you like this cake as much as we do! If you are in the Houston,TX area and are getting married soon, please give us a visit at or you can email directly at

SIlver Cake, Pink Peony

Cake Feature: Anchors Away

Anchors Away

This wedding cake was made for a couple who enjoys boating! It is how they met, so they wanted their wedding cake to reflect that. The colors of the wedding were navy and silver. In this cake, we decided to use silver as an accent color. The bottom ruffles which are made out of our yummy fondant, have silver tips. The monogram at the top is also painted to silver to be sure that we tied in all the colors of the wedding! They were such a pleasure to work with, and loved their cake!

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About Fondant…and Why it doesn’t HAVE To Taste Bad!

Hello, all! Today, I want to talk to you about FONDANT. The word that strikes fear into customers hearts all over the world. Its nasty, Its got a weird texture, It has a smell, I have heard all of that. And frankly, I think its really unfair! Fondant is a really great product, and its so unfortunate that the taste and smell of one main company has ruined its reputation in the eyes of many!

So lets start with this, why do I need fondant? Well techincally, you dont NEED it. Although with some designs you do. Some designs are handpainted, airbrushed, embossed, this requires the decorator to use fondant. Although there are SOME designs that could be done in buttercream only. It also acts as a protective layer to the cake!

Then, there is the issue of asthetics. Fondant gives you a very smooth porcelain finish, that can not be matched. It is just beautiful. Personally, I really prefer the look of fondant, although some designs can be done in buttercream.

Lastly and most importmant. Fondant is NOT inherently “nasty”. There are SEVERAL brands that taste amazing, as well as any homemade recipe. I make my own fondant from scratch, and add white chocolate to it. It tastes great, and all my clients love it! I have never had a customer complain about the taste of my fondant.

Hopefully this blog post sheds some light on this issue, and encourages you to give the fondant one more try!

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The “I Cant Make That Cake Exactly” Conversation, and Why It Is Necessary

Ever so often, I get a client that sends me a picture saying they want a cake *EXACTLY* like a picture. Well, that is not possible. So I thought I would talk just a bit about the two biggest reasons exact replicas can not be done (in most cases).

1)- Materials: EVERY cake artist all over the world uses something different. It is sort of like snowflakes, no two are alike. We all have different recipes, different tools, some make their own fondant, some use premade fondant. Some use a meringue buttercream, some use a ganache. Some have professional equipment, sme do not. All these things can produce different results.

2)Skill Level- This is may be the one people do not like to admit, but is true haha. There are certain things other cake artists do, that I can not. There are certain things I can do, that other cake artists can not. There is where a portfolio review comes in! Take a look at the work of the artist you are looking to hire, is there level of work acceptable to you? If so relax. You will more than likely love the cake!

Now of course, there are exceptions to EVERY rule. Some artists may be able to produce an exact replica, if they say the can, proceed but be weary. Again, look at the work! Personally, I aim to give every client a new cake. I understand that there is a theme for the party, but every one deserves a custom cake!

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Victorias Secret #PINK cake

Today, we are doing a Monday Feature. This has been a pretty popular cake,  so we wanted to share a few details about it!

This is a two tier cake, which serves 30. The top tier is marble, and the bottom tier is chocolate. It is covered with our delicious homemade fondant. The dog featured is a real VS Pink dog. This cake for our amazing client Kendra! She loved it, we loved it, and we hope you do too!


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