The “I Cant Make That Cake Exactly” Conversation, and Why It Is Necessary

Ever so often, I get a client that sends me a picture saying they want a cake *EXACTLY* like a picture. Well, that is not possible. So I thought I would talk just a bit about the two biggest reasons exact replicas can not be done (in most cases).

1)- Materials: EVERY cake artist all over the world uses something different. It is sort of like snowflakes, no two are alike. We all have different recipes, different tools, some make their own fondant, some use premade fondant. Some use a meringue buttercream, some use a ganache. Some have professional equipment, sme do not. All these things can produce different results.

2)Skill Level- This is may be the one people do not like to admit, but is true haha. There are certain things other cake artists do, that I can not. There are certain things I can do, that other cake artists can not. There is where a portfolio review comes in! Take a look at the work of the artist you are looking to hire, is there level of work acceptable to you? If so relax. You will more than likely love the cake!

Now of course, there are exceptions to EVERY rule. Some artists may be able to produce an exact replica, if they say the can, proceed but be weary. Again, look at the work! Personally, I aim to give every client a new cake. I understand that there is a theme for the party, but every one deserves a custom cake!

Until next time,


As always, if you are looking for a custom cake in Houston,TX take a look at my website and I would be happy to help you out!

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