About Fondant…and Why it doesn’t HAVE To Taste Bad!

Hello, all! Today, I want to talk to you about FONDANT. The word that strikes fear into customers hearts all over the world. Its nasty, Its got a weird texture, It has a smell, I have heard all of that. And frankly, I think its really unfair! Fondant is a really great product, and its so unfortunate that the taste and smell of one main company has ruined its reputation in the eyes of many!

So lets start with this, why do I need fondant? Well techincally, you dont NEED it. Although with some designs you do. Some designs are handpainted, airbrushed, embossed, this requires the decorator to use fondant. Although there are SOME designs that could be done in buttercream only. It also acts as a protective layer to the cake!

Then, there is the issue of asthetics. Fondant gives you a very smooth porcelain finish, that can not be matched. It is just beautiful. Personally, I really prefer the look of fondant, although some designs can be done in buttercream.

Lastly and most importmant. Fondant is NOT inherently “nasty”. There are SEVERAL brands that taste amazing, as well as any homemade recipe. I make my own fondant from scratch, and add white chocolate to it. It tastes great, and all my clients love it! I have never had a customer complain about the taste of my fondant.

Hopefully this blog post sheds some light on this issue, and encourages you to give the fondant one more try!

Check out some of my cakes at www.morganscakery.com all of the cakes posted are covered and decorated with fondant!

Until next time!

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