Thursday Feature: Woodland Bride

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Today,  I want to discuss a cake that was featured in Woodland Bride Magazine! This was part of a styled shoot, organized by Event Planners of Houston. So, about the cake:

The cake was covered with various shades of pink fondant to add some interest. On the bottom of the tiers, there is white satin ribbon, and the feature is a nice big burlap bow. The theme was “Rustic Chic”, it was a perfect fit! Visit to see this cake featured on the front page, along with other Houston Wedding Cakes!

Woodland Bride

Britiain Meets Texas..

Today I want to share a wedding cake I worked on this past weekend. The bride really wanted to incorporate the Union Jack flag into her cake. But of course, we are in Texas! So we had to pay homage to our great state! This cake was a fun one. The top and bottom tier are vanilla, and the middle two are chocolate. I hope you enjoy it! Leave your thoughts in the comments! And as always, visit my website for more Houston wedding cake pictures!

Country Themed Wedding Cake

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

Let’s face it. Everybody is budget conscious. I have been doing wedding cakes here in Houston,TX for some time now, and I have noticed a few things. As a wedding cake professional, I’m going to give you 5 ways to keep your cake cost in line. The everyday public really does not know what makes a cake expensive, or what makes one more budget friendly. So I am here to bridge the gap!

1) Get your Guest List Under Control!!

Seriously. If you are inviting 300 people to your wedding, you are going to be paying $1200 plus. If someone has quoted you less than that, they have no idea the amount of work involved. Be afraid. Run. Run fast. It is a bit of a no brainer, but the more cake your baker has to make, the more expensive it is going to be.

2) You Do Not Need To Buy Cake For Every Guest

Many a time I have tried to save a bride from having too much cake. Some are receptive, some..not so much. In the first place, it is unlikely that everyone you invite will actually come. There will be emergencies ,conflicts, that is just the way it is. Secondly, everyone you invite will not eat cake. I promise! I personally recommend using the 75% attendance rule. Some professionals are more drastic at 60%. Here is an example:

Susie has invited 200 people to her wedding. She wants a quote for her cake. At 200 people, her cake will be $600. If She follows the 75% attendance rate, her cake will be $450. Savings ladies and gentleman, savings.

3) Less is really More

The more elaborate your cake, the more you will pay. If you like a cake that has flowers coming down the side, lots of swirls, gold everywhere, that’s awesome. But prepared to pay for it. The more time a decorator has to spend with his/her icing bag…the more you will pay. If you are really trying to save money, go with something a bit more simple. Maybe just tiers covered in white fondant, with a ribbon. Or a simple buttercream iced cake. You will save a ton this way! A cake that takes 5 hours to make is exponentially cheaper than one that takes 15.

4) Smaller Cakes=Cheaper?

I have had clients come to me, saying that they read in some magazine that this was the way to save money. “Oh really” I say. I am here to just completely debunk this rumor. ITS JUST NOT TRUE! Lets first talk about cupcakes. For me and most professionals, the cupcake cost the same as a slice of cake. So lets say you have followed my attendance rule above, and your final count is 150. 150 cupcakes, or a cake for 150 the price is the same! The same I tell you! Now if you want cupcakes, then hey! Lets rock on! But please, don’t fall into that trap of cupcakes save money. Because you will not be a happy bride. You will have all these cupcakes you did not want, and on top of that, you will not have saved money. Come find me, I will give you a hug 🙂

Then..there are those “cute” little mini cakes. You know the ones. They are all small little tiffany boxes, or the really small round ones. Again, if you really want that, then thats fine. But you will definitely not be saving money. Because in terms of labor, those are WAY more work. On top of that, some bakers charge a “Pain In The You Know What” fee for those. Anyone who has done them, knows. And they go for $7-$12 pop. Go ahead and research my theory, Im right on this one.

5) Ask Your Baker

Please guys. Do NOT be afraid to be upfront with your baker. Tell them how much you are comfortable spending. I PROMISE you it does not bother us. I would much rather know upfront your budget is $300, rather than sketch out a cake for you that cost $2,000. Because then, we have to go through and deconstruct that cake to get in your budget. And, it never fails. There is always an overwhelming sense of disappointment. In this case, honesty is definitely the best policy.

Whew, that was a bit lengthy right? I tend to be very thorough! I definitely hope that this has helped you out in some way. Do you happen to be looking for a wedding cake designer in the Houston,TX area? Give me a shout: and lets discuss giving  you your dream cake…in your dream budget! It is possible, no matter what you have heard. Promise :). Or visit

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